9 Lives Life Insurance for Smart People Like U

9 lives live insurance for smart peopleSmart People get bored with all that death talk.  We’ll tell you what you need to know about life insurance and hopefully get a chuckle out of you along the way.

But if you’re REALLY looking for MEGO INFORMATION (My Eyes Glaze Over) about life insurance, you’ve come to the wrong place, buddy.  Try any one of the 800 million dull boring and confusing pages about life insurance that are listed by Google and can cure your insomnia.  That’s just not how we roll here.

We created 9LivesLifeInsurance.com to make it easy to get cheap, top quality life insurance without boring or depressing you with all that death talk and boring, excruciating, time consuming details.

Our mission is to entertain for free you while you get the life insurance you what you want.  Same way that Comedy Channel entertains you while you get the news that you want.  Capiche?

Of course,, Stoopid people don’t know they need life insurance, or they don’t care enough about those around them.  Hopefully that is why you’re here.  You’re here because you’re SMART, because you’re not STOOPID.